Tulip Tuesday

April 14, 2015

20150414-060149.jpg Last week I saw a hashtag on a post somewhere that said Tulip Tuesday and it brought a smile to my face. So did seeing these beauties above on Saturday as I strolled through the Market early before I opened up the shop. These have been absolute show stoppers the last few years when I bought them and we watched them unfold and do their tulip magic for the week. I quickly got them cleaned up and in a vase for all to enjoy for the day. Often I was ask, “Are those real?” as I rang folks purchases through or wrapped up things as gifts. They then made the trek by ferry to the island and again received a fresh cut. This time each stem got its own clear vase which ran down the dining table. By Sunday morning they had opened even more and were dancing about. Just breathtaking. I thought you would enjoy.