Anatomy of a Window Display

April 29, 2015

20150429-082643.jpg There are so many aspects that go into a window display. The biggest one today was trying to put product in that would not fade. I was at the shop at 5:30 this morning to work on things and change out this window before it gets hopping at 10. Oh my, with all this lovely sunny weather (truly, not complaining in the least) the goods I pulled out of the window had completely faded. I had not factored that into the equation when we did this window awhile back. Side note, the sale case will get some real gems that have a bit of a sun burn/tan today…

20150429-083111.jpg I digress. Out everything comes. I just left the book pages on the wall and the long table in. The bones really. Then I start adding. Acquired this amazing vintage mirrored vanity so that went in first. This will be a Mother’s Day themed window. A new lamp arrived the other day that has a light blue base. This helps set the theme.

20150429-083355.jpg I like to image who this vignette is for. It is for a woman sitting at the table getting ready and she is surrounded by the things she loves. The horse black & white photos get added. As well as a stack of black & white vintage photos scattered here and there.

20150429-083612.jpg Then her tea as she is getting ready as well as her favorite Tocca perfume and her favorite Diptyque candle. A vintage trophy to tie in the photos.

20150429-083746.jpg Below would be all glass & vintage silver. Keeping in mind the sun beating down on this window, glass and silver will be perfect. Plus the silver really catches your eye as you walk by the window. It is comical trying to take these photos as tons of cars and folks are walking by. In order for the shot to be orderly, cars and people reflect off the window and get in the shot. I have super brief spans to snap away.

20150429-084106.jpg Also a little French love and a nod to the Eiffel Tower in this window. Done. Now onto the next window!