Grilled Napa Cabbage

April 30, 2015

20150430-062150.jpg Let me start this off by stating I do not grill. Never have. But I love when others do. My dad, my brother, dear friends, my husband–all love to grill. I guess that must be it. I have always been surrounded by those that really enjoy barbecuing. I enjoy the smokey, tasty benefits. Fine by me, I am happy to sit this culinary task out and let those that revel in it soar. This one is for you. TPS tried grilling Napa cabbage the other evening, and it rocked. He has done lettuces and other greens but never Napa cabbage. It was pretty awesome. A grilled salad course in a few minutes. Yum. Moments before falling asleep last night I asked him how he prepared & grilled it. Here is what I hazily remember, but I think I have it all down right.

Quarter one good sized Napa cabbage making sure to keep the top core intact. This keeps the piece from falling apart. Create a dressing of extra virgin olive oil, sesame oil and rice wine vinegar. Mix together and then use that to coat the 4 pieces of cabbage, making sure all is well covered. Then grill the cabbage on a super hot grill. He did it first thing when the coals were smoking hot. Stay with these as it only takes around 30 seconds to char. Repeat for the remaining two sides of the cabbage. That simple. So good.