The Market Peonies Have Arrived

May 1, 2015

20150501-052247.jpg A lovely May Day to all of you! Thought we would start the month off with a little peony goodness. The season is quite short, so we have to inhale as much peony beauty as we can. A quick stroll, ok, more like a slow run, as I only had a few moments before the shop opened at 10 yesterday morning. I spotted a few vendors here & there with buckets of peonies. This will of course increase each day as the season ramps up. Which makes me deliriously delighted.

20150501-052926.jpg The light once again casting a luminous glow onto the blooms. They are such delicate yet hearty flowers. I placed individual stems in single vases around the shop. Several times during the day I would hear a gasp as well as “Are those real?” which always makes me chuckle. I know there are some good faux flowers out there, but having fresh blooms just adds such ‘life’ to any space they grace. Big or small. Home or work. Happy start of the peony season!