Market Tulips & Mother’s Day Wishes

May 10, 2015

20150510-071305.jpg The Market was abuzz with the energy of all the flower vendors setting up their booths yesterday morning, early. Quite early. I went in to get both shops ready for the Mother’s Day Open House. By the time I arrived at the Living shop at 6, tons of vendors were already set up or halfway done. The Market was awash in blooms.

20150510-071800.jpg Tulips still took center stage, with peonies and lilies coming in second. Just so many wonderful colors, shapes, sizes. This bundle just over the top. So many varying shades of reds, oranges & yellows. By the time we opened at 10, the Market was swarming with folks on the sunny morning. Our little perch in the courtyard with the large window looking out to the stalls is quite something. Sort of like watching live theater. Yesterday it was all about the flowers. So many Moms coming into the shop holding big bouquets. So sweet.

20150510-072544.jpg Happy Mother’s Day!
Much love,