Vintage Hotel Silver Pedestal Bowls

May 13, 2015

20150513-055312.jpg I am very excited to report that a new shipment of vintage hotel silver pedestal bowls has arrived. This bowl is just such a great shape & size. We have one in town as well as Hawthorne and I use it every chance I can. Looks pretty fetching naked just left out on the coffee table or kitchen counter when not called into action too. We use this bowl to hold a generous amount of crackers or baguette slices when we are serving cheese. It holds a good amount of popcorn when we are wanting a snack while reading. I even float a bloom or two in it when the dining table calls. One of our most versatile hotel silver bowls. This round they are from The Savoy, which we have had stock of before and love, as well as Claridge’s and The Connaught. Each is marked with the hotel name, which makes it extra special. If these bowls could talk, what tales they would tell.