HESS Sauvignon Blanc

May 20, 2015

20150520-110226.jpg As Memorial Day approaches and outdoor entertaining heats up, finding a really good affordable white wine for large gatherings or dinners is always a nice thing to have in your repertoire. The Hess Collection is a winery in Napa Valley that makes some stellar wines–as well as what I like to refer to as ‘house wine’ aka, less expensive bottles. When well-regarded vintners release a less expensive bottle, most times it is quite good. Not always, but often times this thinking has taken us in the right direction. The Hess Sauvignon Blanc has a bright, freshness to it that I really like for outdoor party wine. Pairs well with food but also nice solo. TPS made a yummy pasta with local Hudson Valley sausage, corn and asparagus last eve and this Hess was just perfect with it. Between 10 to 13 bucks a bottle at most places, it is a heck of a deal. Cheers to festive outdoor gatherings!

Side note, if you are ever down in the Napa Valley area, stop in at Hess. They have an art collection that is also part of the winery. Quite impressive. We went ages ago and it was memorable. A little culture along with wine tasting as you meander that incredibly picturesque part of the world.