Lilac LOVE

May 21, 2015

20150521-062206.jpg I wrote last year at this time how it is still taking some getting used to having a lilac shrub. A humungous lilac scrub. Filled with these beauties. Well I am still feeling the same way this year. I joked to Mister Sive that I still feel like I should leave a 20 dollar bill next to it after we cut branches. We drove around the other day doing errands and lilac scrubs are everywhere in our little neck of the woods in the Hudson Valley. The smell with the window open was intoxicating. We would round a corner and the scent would waft in and we would smell them before we saw them. So many different shades of colors too. I came to the game of lilac love later in life. I was not as smitten with them as I am now–their lacy blooms just fascinate me. The scent heavenly. Whether in a little single stem vase with a sweet tiny bloom or a large mass of branches massed together, lilacs bring such lacy fluttery happiness.