Ribbon by the Yard at WK

June 16, 2015

20150616-080114.jpg A beautifully wrapped gift is a sight to behold. A stylish ribbon that ties the whole package together can make the gift extra special. We have long carried ribbon at Watson Kennedy, having rolls mixed in displays by color. It has been on my list for ages to turn some old card racks we have had into large ribbon racks. Last week was the time that the task rose to the top of the list. Both shops now having a full rack for your viewing pleasure, making it much easier to buy some ribbon for that special gift if you are in a bit of a hurry. Or just want to survey most of your options at once. We will still have rolls scattered here, there and everywhere in displays by color, but this just tidies things up a tad. Whether by the yard or a whole roll, we have you covered.