A Rosé Tasting

June 24, 2015

20150624-074257.jpg Now that Summer is here, extra time can be spent with friends hanging outside enjoying the sunshine. This ‘Wine Wednesday’ post is not so much about a particular bottle of wine, but about an idea to enjoy with guests. Next gathering, purchase a few bottles of rosé and host a tasting. Open up a variety of bottles, put out a good number of glasses, and have your guests try them and chat about each wine. We like to pour just a taste of each wine, chat about it, then move onto the next. When done, each person can then fill their glass with the one they enjoyed the most. It is a fun thing to do right as folks arrive, as it gets the conversations flowing. It also gives you a heads up as to which wine guests like best. Also a smart way to test run bottles if you know you are in need of buying many of one type for a large party or event. Tastings like these are also a great way to open individual bottles that have been host gifts that you have been waiting to try. It is a fun way to share them with your friends, as well as an informal, non-stuffy way to try certain bottles and see what you like best. This is by no means exclusive to rosé, the season now just seems right for it. Champagne is another fab thing to do a tasting with.

Cheers to spending time with friends this Summer enjoying the season!