A Sea of Hydrangea

July 5, 2015

20150705-100047.jpg I found a lone vendor who had bucket after bucket of hydrangea at the Market yesterday. They will become the flowers for the table of our day after 4th of July Sunday supper with guests later today. We worked the shops yesterday, so this will be our day to celebrate. The variation in blues reminding me of washed denim and all the color variations that has, which seems appropriate for an homage to our country, as I equate denim as American as apple pie. Hydrangea speaks to me of Summer. Which, by the way, is in full-blown mode out here in Seattle. It has been so warm & dry so early that flowers are a bit out of whack of their normal cycle. Yesterday I say a few remaining peonies, dahlias, and hydrangea at the same time. Friends tell me the hydrangea in their yards are already starting to fade. So we will enjoy the heck out of these just in case the season is super short. We fly to Hawthorne next Sunday and I can’t wait to see how the hydrangea plants are doing there. Bottom line, we must enjoy all these blooms while they are here, early or late. Happy Sunday all.