Parts of a Puzzle

July 11, 2015


20150711-063428.jpg I made the analogy yesterday of buying goods a bit like putting together a puzzle. The same is equally true about display/design. Which can be said for a store display or the design of things for your home. How you put objects, aka, pieces of the puzzle, together means they fit nicely, or things don’t quite fit right.


20150711-064033.jpg In that case, you just move it around until it finds a space that does work. The key factor is that you like the piece in question. If you do, you will find just the right spot for it. Yesterday was a full day of shop display, which is so enjoyable and so satisfying on many levels. Seeing the pieces of the puzzle slip snuggly into one another. Bit by bit, piece by piece, each finding a spot that fits.