Time for a Tomato Sandwich

July 22, 2015

20150722-082041.jpg Yes, it is that time of year again. Tomato time. Which means tomato sandwich time. I know I have written about this before, as well as in my book, but I feel it is my obligation (insert very large smile) to let new readers know about this sandwich if they don’t already. The simplest of things, but the very best of things. A big ripe, juicy tomato is key. For those juices become the magic in all this. Here we go. Slice up the bread. I like a hearty sourdough. Slightly toast it. Important that the bread not be too soft as it will fall apart. The above round baked by our new friend Mimi, who owns Little Ghent Farm with her husband Richard. I plan to do a post on them and their farm when we are back for Fall colors in October. She makes out of this world bread that they sell at their farm shop. I dream of this bread. I digress. Must stay focused. That is what that bread does to me. Again, insert wide, but supremely happy smile. To the toasted bread add a big, yes big, dollop of mayo. This is not the time to be stingy. The mayo is key, as it mixes with the tomato juices and forms a sort of sauce when you are eating this. Next slice up a fairly thick slice of tomato. Set on top of mayo laden bread. Now salt the top of the tomato. Stand back and admire the simplicity and beauty of it. This is needed for two reasons. One, you just want to admire how yummy it looks. But secondly and most importantly, you want to give it a minute or two to let the salt draw out some of the juice of the tomato. Now it is time. A big napkin will be needed. Sit and enjoy how sublimely tasty and simple and grand this is. Just 4 ingredients but just so good.