Saint-Felix Rosé

July 29, 2015

20150729-065555.jpg Wine Wednesday is all about rosé these next few posts as we are knee deep into Summer and pink seems to be the prevailing color. Rosé is now so popular that many small producers are selling out way before they used to, with many favorites already gone and impossible to find even though it is July. Not long ago those same bottles would have been marked-down in September. It is so fun seeing so many folks enjoying pink. It is just festive. Which leads me to Saint-Felix. Most times I am drawn to French rosé. I just am. There are many, many lovely US producers of rosé, but in a pinch when I am grabbing for a bottle we have not tried, I will veer towards French. That is where this bottle comes in. I was in a hurry out on the island, with TPS & Bailey waiting in the car, and I was just running in to pick up a few quick things for guests coming just for drinks. A few of my tried & true were out, so this Saint-Felix looked interesting, was a tad darker than I usually choose, but in the basket it went. It was a lovely surprise. Stood up to the cheeses we served it with. Has a yummy watermelon note to it. At 10 to 12 bucks a bottle, it is perfect for a party or large gathering. Always fun to try something new. Look for a few more rosé posts in the coming weeks as the season heats up. Happy Wednesday everybody!