A Single Scented Geranium Stem

August 13, 2015

20150813-051235.jpg Single stem vases do not always have to be filled with a flower. Sometimes a stem from a plant will do. The scented geranium in pots out on the island are going crazy this time of year with all the fab sunshine we have been getting. They get leggy and we have to cut them back. Those clippings are like gold to me. This verdant stem making the ferry crossing, finding a happy home in a vintage apothecary jar in the living room at The Gainsborough. Looking at it makes me so giddy I could jump up & down and do a happy dance. How funny, I was trying to type the word ‘down’ and it autocorrected to ‘dork’ which just makes me laugh. I’ll take that. If loving a scented geranium makes me a dork, then so be it. Insert a big laughing smile at this early hour a bit after 5. My point with all of this really is, if you have access to plants or tree branches and they make your heart sing, cut a piece off, bring it inside and put it into a single stem vase. You will be happy you did. And I promise I won’t think you are a dork…