Kenneth Turner Signature Room Spray

September 1, 2015

20150901-073900.jpg This room spray is a WK classic. More so, Kenneth Turner is WK classic. I represented Mister Turner’s line of scented goods when I had The Watson Kennedy Collection. We go way back. Now called signature, then called original, this spray & matching candle have been on the shop shelves since we first opened our doors. The scent unmistakable. A mix of a variety of things, it is warm and floral and inviting all at the same time. We received a new shipment the other day and the packaging has been updated but the original scent has not been touched or altered. Hopefully it never will, as that is what makes it a classic.

Happy first day of September to you all! 22 days of Summmaaa remaining here in Seattle and we fully intend to squeeze out the very most of them. For those of you in parts of the world where Winter is coming to a close, we can all look forward to a new season upon us.