Day Three

September 4, 2015

20150904-060819.jpg The march continues, with all the major display pieces now in place and today being the final day of the Home store refresh. It has been 4 years since we expanded to the back space, so it was time to shake it up a bit after the years have passed and we have seen how the flow of the space is best used. Just like moving furniture & furnishings around at your home, it is amazing how different things can look/feel just by having them in different positions. We have all been smiling ear to ear as we work away and are so happy with the results so far.

20150904-061603.jpg Today the artwork goes back up. Hundreds of pieces in fresh spots. The long art wall will now be on the above cork wall, which I can’t wait to see the final product. I shot these 3 images from the most comfortable leather chair at the shop. So tired I could barely move, Olivia had run out to pick up our dinner from Boka, and getting up from my perch was just not in the cards at the time. After our meal, we worked away into the eve getting things ready for our final day. A post in the coming week of it all put back together.