Smoked Oaxacan Mole Sauce

September 8, 2015

20150908-073519.jpg I have been meaning to write about this mole sauce for quite some time, but each time I use it in a dish, we are so hungry that I forget to snap a photo. Last eve, I promised myself when I started cooking that I would take a photo of the finished product. Alas, this incredibly good mole sauce is the post today. We have carried this for quite some time at Watson Kennedy, as I think this jar makes a cool little gift, as well as having a jar of it stashed away in your larder for a rainy/easy cooking day. Made by lovely folks in Portland, Oregon, this stuff is magic in a jar. Just spoon over a few chicken breast and roast in the oven. Add more in the last few minutes of the cooking process. Add a bit more once the meat has rested and spoon over the cut up pieces of chicken so the sauce really gets all over the meat. The deep, smoky flavor turning ordinary chicken into extraordinary chicken. Last night I served it with roasted Yukon gold potatoes, black beans, salsa and a sprinkling of feta over the whole thing. Fun to have a few jars of things around to add to something simple like chicken to bump up the flavor quotient and make it extra special.