Absolutely Beautiful Things by Anna Spiro

September 10, 2015

20150910-030916.jpg The color inspiration continues with a new off the charts color-filled book I ordered for the shops the other day at the showrooms, Absolutely Beautiful Things. Written by Brisbane, Australia based interior designer & shopkeeper, Anna Spiro. Funny how the world works. I was first introduced to Anna by my friend, the artist Wayne Pate, via social media. We then started following one another on Instagram and it was such a delight to watch her experience with her book and the journey she took with it, a little while after mine came out. Her blog was also the impetus for her book. Anna is all about color so I spotted the cool cover instantly and jumped with happiness when I saw it sitting on a shelf at the showroom. Yes, I am the type of person who jumps with glee from happiness, but you might have already guessed that. Her book is about color prevailing in every part of her life/design, from fabrics, to paint, to flowers, to artwork, to the objects that are the finishing touches. It is just a happy book. Her joy and enthusiasm for life and design jump off the pages. Thrilled & honored to have her book soon join our stacks of home books for all to enjoy.