The Brilliance That is Spinasse

September 25, 2015

20150925-060633.jpg A plate of out of this world pasta is a reason to celebrate in my book. When those plates just keep coming and each dish is better than the next, my head starts spinning with delight. No, make that my stomach, not my head. This is the beauty of Spinasse.

20150925-061041.jpg I dined there last week with my friend we have known forever, Lissa, who loves her pasta as much as I do. You might be sitting in the Pike/Pine neighborhood, but you feel transported to Italy. To a little magical spot that just feels good–you see folks cooking, the space is divided into two which makes it cozy, and the staff is warm & welcoming. My favorite dining experiences tend to be when you feel like you are in someone’s home. They always hit the mark. Spinasse has quickly become a classic. Yum.