Kale in a Pinch

October 19, 2015

20151019-072617.jpg Guests were arriving shortly for dinner and the hydrangea I had plucked from the front of the house were looking worn and just not doing it for me. As this is the country, a quick spin to the market or grocery store was just not in the cards. The big hearty bunch of kale we bought days earlier to eat would be the ticket and come to the rescue. Kale can be such a beautiful thing. In it went into a vintage green McCoy vessel clipped nice and low. It had been in a short clear drinking glass, so I just inserted that into the vase, so the stalks did not move around. Done. The kale pulled together all the other green on the table and has remained there most of the week–the heartiness keeping the look nice and fresh. It will become salad for dinner this eve. Now that is versatility out of a single lush & leafy bunch of kale.