Chinon La Vigne en Véron

October 21, 2015

20151021-090146.jpg As we head into cooler weather, with the glow of rosé memories and sunny days, red wine becomes more the option. But I am not quite ready for heavy red. This is where this Chinon La Vigne en Véron comes into play. This is what we like to refer to in our household as bistro or house wine. And that is by no means meant to be a bad thing. Quite the opposite. This is wine to be enjoyed with a simple week night meal. Or you have a large dinner party or a big group over on a Sunday afternoon. It is meant to be enjoyed with food and a bit of laughter and if a story or two is told along the way, even better. Just close your eyes and be transported to a little bistro in Aix, where you are sitting watching the world pass by with a hearty meal in front of you, and life could just not get any better.