November 4, 2015

20151104-045720.jpg About a week before we left for New York on this last visit, we had dinner with friends at Stateside here in Seattle. I completely spaced on writing about the extraordinary meal we had until I was looking through images last eve, so I thought I would share this with you all today. It all started about a year ago when we were hosting a book signing at the Home store for cookbook author, Dorie Greenspan. A gentleman, Eric Johnson, came to the signing to see her. He was just about to open Stateside. They had known each other when Eric was a chef in Paris, and had kept up over the years. Time passed quickly and we had yet to dine at his new spot, just a few blocks from The Gainsborough.

From the Stateside website:
With strong culinary ties to both France and China, the fresh flavors of Vietnam make perfect sense to Chef/Owner Eric Johnson. Eric recently returned to the States after more than a decade working and living abroad in Paris, Shanghai and Hong Kong. With family roots in the Pacific Northwest, his goal was to open a casual restaurant in Seattle that reflects his culinary experience abroad. “Both geographically and culinarily, Vietnam is a good central point for all of my experiences. It’s the natural meeting point of French and Chinese food. I feel like Vietnamese food borrows some of the best aspects of both cuisines, the fresh herbs and the acidity. And, of course, Vietnam has its own spectacular dishes. So we’re going to concentrate on Vietnamese food borrowing a bit from the natural partners of French and Chinese cuisine.”

We were blown away by the combination of flavors and loved every bite. We decided to dine family style between the 4 of us as everything sounded so good on the menu, that way we were all able to try a variety of dishes, which I highly recommend. So good!