Design the Life You Love

November 16, 2015

20151116-085114.jpg The other day I am tidying up a display and I hear a voice behind me say, “You are carrying my book,” in just the sweetest tone. I turn around to be greeted by just the sweetest woman, Ayse Birsel. She was in town doing a big signing, I think at Elliott Bay, and said many folks had told her she needed to come check-out the Watson Kennedy shops before she headed home. We indeed are carrying her creatively charming guide to designing the best life for yourself. So much so, that we had a big stack of her books right on the front table right as you came in the door. I was utterly charmed by it awhile back when I was ordering new books for the shops the last time I was at the showrooms. An interactive workbook for unleashing your creativity while examining your daily routines. All bound together in jaunty red, making it a great gift to give this season, right on to Valentine’s Day. While also be a creatively lovely gift to give yourself.