The Life of Bailey

November 22, 2015

20151122-081941.jpg Our pooch Bailey gets her own post this morning. Thought it was fitting as she turns 10 today. It has been a bit of an emotional few months with her–learning of the Mast tumor, all that involved, getting her healthy and on the road to recovery. So this is a very happy day, indeed. She is actually sleeping pressed right up against me as I write this, which is common most mornings when I am working on the post. The amount of love and affection she shows each day is just extraordinary. Animals can teach us so much. Amazing unconditional love. We feel it is an honor & privilege to care for her. She is our constant companion. So many of you have met the feisty girl at one of the shops or on our travels, which I just love. Thought I would share some photos from over the years. She is a miniature Schnauzer, hailing from Minnesota. Good Midwestern stock, just like her daddy. Insert big grin or eye-roll, I will leave that up to you… She was the runt of her litter, so we call her a mini, mini, weighing in at 11 pounds. She has hair not fur, which means she does not shed, but it does mean she has to get her hair cut several times a year. So in the photos you will see her hair in various lengths of shagginess. The below one of our all-time favorites, where she is sitting on TPS’s chest at WestWard and I was able to capture her head tilt, which is what she does when we ask her a question and she is thinking about the answer. The above a gift given to us yesterday by our friend, artist extraordinaire, Jeanne McKay Hartmann. Cheers and Happy BIRTHday to our Miss Bailey!