Being a Stellar Guest

November 26, 2015

Being a good dinner guest is as important in my mind as being a good host. The focus so often is on the host, but my thought today is on bringing your ‘A game’ when invited to someone’s home for a dinner or a party. The amount of time, effort and love that goes into hosting a dinner or party at your home means that guests should really step up to the plate to ensure a lovely time is enjoyed by all. Here are a few random thoughts of mine on the topic, as we head into busy host/guest season.

*Be on time. Sure, a few minutes fashionably late is totally fine, but if the dinner invite says 8, arriving at 9 is not ok.
*Arriving with a gift is such a lovely way to kick-off the eve. Just keep in mind your host/hostess is probably busy getting last minute things ready, so a quick giving of the gift is best.
*Offer help. Often times it will be declined, but it is the thought that counts. Your host might be in a pinch with something and might take you up on it, which is grand too.
*Mingle. Come with a good story/stories. Being a good guest means interacting and being part of the party or dinner.
*Compliments are always appreciated–on the meal, the table setting, the home. They are music to the ear of your host.
*Offer more help. Again, often it will be declined, but maybe not, and an extra set of hands clearing the table is always a nice thing.
*Leave on a high note. Dessert has been enjoyed, a fabulous story has been told. Time to skedaddle. Always better to be one of the first to depart, is our rule of thumb. It has been a long day for our hosts, with still a bit of work for them after everyone leaves.
*Send a thank you note. Think of the joy received when they open that piece of mail. It is a fun way to relive the event for a quick moment.

For those of you celebrating Thanksgiving today, have just the best time, whether host or guests.
Happy Thursday!
Sending love from Seattle,
where we will be wearing the host hat today,