Joel Gott Sauvignon Blanc

December 23, 2015

20151223-042004.jpg As we head into the Holiday stretch, entertaining a crowd might be on your list. We are always looking for what I like to call ‘party’ wine. This is something I learned early on from a friend who was one of the best and most prolific entertainers we have ever known, Peter Donnelly. While Peter is no longer with us, the things we learned from him about being a gracious host have and always will stay with us. He would find a well-priced wine and that would become the ‘party’ wine of the season. This Wine Wednesday post is a nod to a truly tasty Sauvignon Blanc from Joel Gott. Quite lovely with food and equally fab solo while standing having a conversation with someone at a gathering.

From the maker:
The 2014 California Sauvignon Blanc has aromas of pineapple, ripe stone fruit and citrus. The wine fills the palate with bright fruit flavors and a round fullness, finishing with crisp, refreshing acidity.

Throughout California, the 2014 growing season produced one of the best vintages to date. A dry winter followed by light spring rains and a warm, temperate summer caused fruit to mature slightly faster than normal resulting in optimal ripeness with a good balance of sugar and acidity in time for harvest. The warmer tropical aromatics are characteristic of our favorite vineyard in Monterey, while Napa Valley vineyards offer stone fruit flavors, and fruit from Lake County brings citrus qualities to our Sauvignon Blanc blend. Combining fruit from throughout the state creates a balanced, food-friendly wine.