A Jaunty Envelope

January 25, 2016

20160125-083035.jpg I received an incredibly creative piece of correspondence awhile back, where the envelope was as stylish and well thought out as what was inside. I enjoyed it so much, I pinned it up at the shop on a wall where we keep such prized items & ephemera. It got me thinking about addressing envelopes. If we are going to take the thoughtful time to handwrite a note/card, add a flourish or doodle, if your penmanship is stellar, make the name and address larger than usual to fill up the front of the envelope. Use a cool inked pen if you have one handy, use a stamp that you think the recipient will like. It is a chance to get creative. It is also a chance to add one final jaunty flourish to make the person opening the envelope feel thought of, loved.