Hudson-Chatham Seyval Blanc

February 3, 2016

20160203-090418.jpg So much of the enjoyment of living part-time in another region is getting familiar with all the things produced in that area. Living in Washington, we are so incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by world class wine. While the Hudson Valley is known for its farms that produce some of the very best produce, meats & cheeses, the reputation of its wine is still taking hold. We were happy to find one of those wineries pretty darn close to Hawthorne. Ghent is smack dab in between Hudson and Chatham. Those are the two towns we head to for groceries, a meal out and shopping. We entertain friends and family quite a bit when we are here, so finding a white wine to serve to a crowd was at the top of my list. The Hudson-Chatham Winery Seyval Blanc fits the bill.

From the maker:
Seyval Blanc is the most popularly grown white grape in the Hudson Valley. A hybrid wine grape variety used to make white a variety of light wines, its vines ripen early, are productive and are suited to fairly cool climates. Seyval blanc is grown mainly in England. It has a characteristic citrus element in the aroma and taste, as well as a minerality. When done in stainless steel, it is very much like Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio. When done it oak it may be compared to white Burgundy.

This edition is made using a blend of our own estate Seyval Blanc and grapes from throughout the valley. Made in stainless steel, it is light, bright, and lemony like a Pinot Grigio or a Sauvignon Blanc. A lovely, refreshing light white. Great for sipping, but an exceptional table white ready to serve alongside fish, poultry, cheese, salads and soups. Hudson-Chatham Winery