A Treasure Tucked Here & There

February 21, 2016

20160221-091932.jpg The last few days we have been unpacking vintage goods acquired over the last months. My search for the unique is constant, so often times I will acquire things that don’t immediately find their way out into the shop floors. We are also always on the hunt when we are back East, so our suitcases are quite often jam packed when we return. Hunt & gather being the consistent theme. Then things like a painting will get tucked here or there into a display, adding another layer of visual interest. The same is very much true for all of us at home. Spaces evolve over time, and often that does not mean it has to be an entire room re-do. By picking up an object that catches your eye or finds a way into your heart and incorporating that into your existing room scheme, it adds another layer of visual interest to your space while barely breaking a sweat. Little or no furniture moving involved.