INNA Pickle Salt-Preserved Meyer Lemon

February 23, 2016

20160223-060046.jpg This time of year I crave citrus. Meyer lemons head to the top of my list. New to the shop shelves are these salt preserved Meyer lemons from the folks at INNA pickle. They are also the makers of one of my very favorites, INNA jam. Aside from the clever naming, what is inside all their bottles is pure heaven. These Meyer lemons so handy to have around for a host of cookery delights, where the entire lemon becomes edible. I chopped up a few last week when roasting a big sheet pan of cauliflower along with a handful of capers. The three cooked together, melding a bit of sweet & sour to create a lovely trio which I served next to a chicken breast. Plus I love the look of the bottles–making them a cool gift to give to those you know with a culinary bent.