Talbott & Arding at Watson Kennedy

March 3, 2016

20160303-065811.jpg It always tickles me when we get to add something to our shop shelves from our neighbors in the Hudson Valley. Talbott & Arding has become one of our favorite stops on Warren Street in Hudson when we are back at Hawthorne. It is a shop filled with baked goods, cheeses, coffee, jams–all things that are just the very best. Each time we are back we buy a jar of something to enjoy on our stay. They recently started a small wholesale venture with some of their offerings. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance. Every fridge would benefit from a jar of this goodness at the ready. The packaging also makes this amazing to give as gifts. Tomato relish has become a new fascination, especially adding it to a cheese board. Theirs is out of this world. The heirloom apple jelly all the best of the iconic Hudson Valley apple distilled into a jar.