The Tale of Two Tulips

March 14, 2016

20160314-100350.jpg These two tulips photos are actually of the same type of tulips, bought several days apart. I could not get enough of them visually so I bought more. Actually, the top image bunch was to go to the island for the week-end, but heavy, heavy winds (WestWard is surrounded by extremely tall trees–which unsettles me just a tad, ok, way more than a tad, in wind storms) had us staying in town, so they were enjoyed with the rest of them from days earlier. The below image you can see how the green in the middle has faded substantially. I am forgetting the name of this type of tulip, but they are one of my very favorite. I rarely see them for sale, but they just bring out my Irish pride, this week especially. Insert big St. Patrick’s smile. That and I just love the combination of the white with the green. I know, very surprising. Thought you all might enjoy as the week begins.