Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

March 17, 2016

20160317-044008.jpg I just posted this photo on Instagram for a #TBT and thought the image just spoke of St. Patrick’s Day so would be quite fitting here too. Is our dining table at Hawthorne I set & shot for House Beautiful last year–with some of our favorite green belongings. I hope your day is filled with many or all of your favorite things! This was always a big day in the Watson household when I was growing up, as my mother’s grandparents were from Ireland. I have memories of corned beef and cabbage simmering away, green beer flowing, and occasionally my mom would dye her hair green. Which, was so out of character it made it all the more fun/ funny/fantastic as a kid. Such a great memory. A virtual pinch from me if you don’t have a bit of green on…
Whether you celebrate the day or not, have a stellar day. Always.