Ranunculus in Repose

April 5, 2016

20160405-075117.jpg We were given these divine and oh so dreamy ranunculus by a guest who came to dinner on Friday eve. They were part of a larger arrangement but the other parts of it did not make it through the week-end, so when we arrived last night from the island, a little flower doctoring was in order. Small arrangements to me really sing when they are made up of one type of flower. The grouping becomes a collective whole. If there is color variation among the blooms, that can add some exquisite visual variety. I chose a small Jukiska vessel that would elevate the ranunculus so they almost seemed like they were standing up on their toes dancing. The fluttery petals doing their magic, making my heart sing as I found a spot on the dining table next to a pot of rosemary. The hearty green of the plant playing off of the color variations of the ranunculus.