A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

April 13, 2016

One of my very favorite parts of being a shopkeeper is finding the variety of things we sell. From books, to jewelry, to jam–if it strikes a cord and catches my fancy, we most likely will give it a go! So many things we sell we have a connection to, like a place we are fond of, or something is made/written by someone we know, which makes selling the good so very personal. Today’s assortment is a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but the tread is the connection and love.

20160413-050431.jpg Cynthia Nims is an old friend who just wrote this fab new oyster book. Jim Henkens has been a customer for many years and so beautifully photographed it.

20160413-050734.jpg These vintage French medallion necklaces are some of my very favorites jewels we sell, and we have carried them for many years. Andrea, the maker, who I just adore, brought in a fresh batch a week or so ago. Each one a small work of art.

20160413-051039.jpg Our friend Lisa wrote The Official Preppy Handbook over 35 years ago. It is a classic. I have started finding/selling copies I find as it has been out of print for years, so I love offering it in homage to my love of all things prep and honoring a friend.

20160413-051448.jpg New York and jam love meet on this one. Small batch preserves & jams are some of my favorite little gifts. These I found at The Fancy Food show in SF awhile back. They just arrived yesterday.



20160413-051754.jpg The pitchers I wrote about the other day have been a hit! They are not yet on our website so I thought I would post them here first, as we have gotten tons of inquires about pricing. These are the largest of the 3 styles I brought in. The top and bottom are $110 each and the middle gem is $125.

20160413-052122.jpg And lastly, a little wrapped up WK gift for our friend Alex’s 60th birthday. There is nothing I/we like better than to walk the floor and help a customer pull things to make a thoughtful gift. Here a pair of mini Champagne bottle cufflinks were the boxed surprise, surrounded by the sweetest book to mark the occasion tied off with a vintage number six Bakelite domino.