And Why am I Mr Pink Rosé

April 20, 2016

20160420-042845.jpg This Wine Wednesday post is the kick-off to the rosé season. I say that with a smile, because I think pink wine is pretty great all year long. Rosé on a super chilly day by the fire thinking of Summer can be pretty swell. But I know many reserve it for the hot months and it has already been hot in Seattle a few days already, so I know many folks have started the season early. Rosé, similar to wearing white, is reserved by many for sipping from Memorial Day through Labor Day. I think that rule is changing for quite a few as the huge wine display right as I walked in to the grocery store the other day was all rosé. Which brings me to the bottle, And Why am I Mr Pink. The label instantly caught my attention, as it looks like it was hand-written on with a Sharpie. As I perused the mountain of pink wines, the fab wine department salesperson came over and we started chatting. I asked her what her favorite rosé was at the moment. She immediately reached for this bottle. Done. We would give it a try. I knew not of the ‘Reservoir Dogs’ scene from which I am assuming the name was pulled from. But I listen to the folks who run the wine departments. They are sampling and taking note of wines all the time. I always want to know what bottles they are taking home and enjoying themselves. This 2015 rosé of Sangiovese made in the Columbia Valley by Mark Ryan McNeilly & Trey Busch of the Underground Wine Project is a winner, not only for the tasty-ness of the rosé in the bottle, but for its exceptional price. Around 12 bucks a bottle, this is perfect for large group dinners or a party. Cheers to drinking pink!