White Lilacs

May 13, 2016

20160513-064026.jpg Flower Friday is all about white lilac love. I so wish this photo could be a scratch & sniff because the scent wafting around me at the moment from these lilacs is just heavenly. As I have written about before, finding outlets to buy flowers in the country is a bit of a challenge, so I mostly use things growing outside around the house, but the cold rainy past few weeks has everything blooming delayed. The grocery store options are spotty at best, and the one flower shop we know of, the last time I went in, would not sell me any flowers as she was using them all for a wedding. Seriously. If you want to see me unhappy, just tell me you won’t sell me your flowers. You know how I love my blooms… Anywho, TPS was heading over to caretaker Bill’s home to pick up a few parcels that had arrived. He returned not only with the boxes but with an armload of white lilacs from Bill’s property. These could not of come at a better time, as they worked swimmingly for the photo shoot at the house yesterday. Pottery Barn named me one of their ‘Style Influencers’ which is so delightful and such an honor. They asked me if I would shoot some of their Summer goods at Hawthorne. So out came the iron, and dust rags, potting soil and pots & pans, and Mister Sive & I had quite a fun, full day. It really was all a blast. It will be up on their site next week as well as I will write a post on it then, too. But those white lilacs just pulled it all together. I always find it so interesting how one small little detail can make a room or table setting sing.