5 Peony

June 4, 2016

20160604-052227.jpg Flower Friday is coming to you all a day tardy. I really wanted to invite everyone to the Virginia McCracken trunk show today, so I really needed to post it yesterday. Oh well, thought you would not mind. Now onto these beautiful blooms.

Living with flowers can really brighten up a day, a table, a home. But I know they can be costly so making the most out of them is key. Most often grocery stores sell bunches of flowers, usually in a bundle of 5. That single bunch can make a big impact. Just spread the love around. Here is where a single stem vase increases the visual impact. For this table they are the simplest of clear drinking glasses. I cut the peony so the heavy head rested right on top of the lip of the glass, giving it support. Then I ran them down the middle of the dining table. That simple bunch of flowers bringing the whole table setting together, getting a big bang for the buck. The next day they moved with the table outside, and I scattered them around to mix it up a bit. The bunch of 5 peony giving us all sorts of happy over the week.