July 5, 2016

I am just returning (writing this in the air while flying back) from Milwaukee (Brookfield), where I was with my siblings by our mom’s side as she recovers from surgery.  At 89 she has lived alone for close to 30 years, since my father died.  We have been told by the doctors and rehabilitation center that she can no longer live alone.  News I find heartbreaking. We are in the midst of figuring all the logistics, as we all live in different parts of the country.  This post really is about those we love, even if we don’t live near one another or see each other often–to hold them ever so close.  For the unit we grew up with, we must call upon during the good and the tough times.  Family.  
The above quote seeming quite perfect for this day. Be well, all of you, and enjoy every moment of this ride… 

Much, much love, Ted