A Hudson Valley Re-Cap

August 13, 2016

We always hit the ground running when we return back to Seattle after having been at Hawthorne for a visit. This was far & away our most relaxing, revivifying stay yet.  The heat, the humidity, the rain, the glorious sunshine–all made for a memorable July/August stay. Friends, family, dinners, lunches, and an occasional nap kept the time full but oh so sweet.  Hydrangea, scented geranium, rosé, tomatoes and corn all will stay in my memory as reminders of this happy time there. Bit by bit, our little farmhouse is becoming our home away from home. The rituals that slowly happen over time are falling into place.  Things are added with much thought, adding a layer of our lives each time we are there.  The house and our time at Hawthorne giving so much back to us.  I love that you all have been with us from the very beginning of this journey of turning a house into our home.