Cooking For Jeffrey

October 28, 2016

Just In, a nice big stack, which I am sure will be replenished many times, of Ina Garten’s newest book, Cooking For Jeffrey.  You know I am a huge fan of the Barefoot Contessa, as I know many of you are, as well. Time really does fly, as this is her 10th cookbook!  We have sold them all over the years, with each of her ten books gracing our cook bookery shelves at the Home store.  Cooking for those she loves is a running theme throughout, this book the emphasis on cooking for her husband of close to 50 years, Jeffrey.  For those of us who watch her cooking show, we are witness to the incredibly sweet love affair they have, and how her preparing food for him is such a big part of that love. In keeping with all her other titles, it is filled with page after page of yummy, yummy recipes that are as pretty to look at as they are tasty to eat.  The Ina style infused in all she does.  We are happy & honored to offer her latest title.

Happy Friday all!  Hope life is grand in your neck of the woods.  FYI, it snowed last night at Hawthorne! Amazing.  It was 82 degrees there last week.  Wow. from Seattle, Ted