Sparkling Rosé & Blood Orange Ginger Beer

April 19, 2017

This concoction was our Easter Sunday afternoon drink that we served before supper. The pinky pink seemed perfect for the day. The mixture a suggestion from one of my favoritist long-time customers who told me about it recently as she said it has become her new cocktail of choice. I love sparkling rosé as you almost always get great value in the bottle and the pink it just festive. I have come late to the ginger beer game, but have really started to enjoy it, and TPS has been a longtime fan. We used Rachel’s as she is a neighbor of the Market shop. Her blood orange variety beyond dreamy. I poured it in first, a little less than a third of the glass, then topped it off with the sparkling rosé. Could not be easier. Incredibly tasty. If you can think of a catchy name for this libation, leave me a comment. At this early hour writing this post I came up short on the creative end coming up with a name. But it most certainly needs one. Cheers to Wednesday!