Tulips, Two Ways

April 28, 2017

I rarely mix flowers, preferring most times just one variety in mass. But this week, two different ones tugged at my heart, and it was just impossible to choose, so both were the winner on the dining table. The creamy white with streaks of green almost having a bit of a lily vibe to them, I could just not pass them up. Hands down the tulip I have reached for the most these past months. They worked swell massed together in the vessel that was a gift from our friend Julia Reed, that has been called into action since the moment it was received. The super fluttery gems started to open so spectacularly, they are getting me excited for peony season ahead. Who am I kidding, I am ALWAYS excited for peony season! But this week we will just kneel at the tulip alter and give thanks for all that beauty, and joy, they bring.