WestWard Sunny Moments

May 8, 2017

Oh wow, we had a day yesterday that was much needed. Full of sunshine, the light just incredible. I snapped away a bunch of images throughout the day to share with you all today. 

For those of you who are new to WestWard posts, it is many flights of stairs down to the house from where we park the car. 

And then another few flights of stairs down to the beach. The boat traffic yesterday was crazy good.

Red, white & blue play a major part in the overall aesthetic. Doors, windows, locker baskets, shelves–are mainly left uncovered/open to give a light-filled relaxed vibe to the whole experience.

Flowers always find a spot here & there to catch our eye.

When we are here, it is all about relaxation and recharging. The sounds of the water, the birds, the trees swaying in the wind, become the music.

Winter was pretty intense this year, with record breaking rain, making the sun yesterday incredibly welcome. WestWard has been in our life for close to 20 years, and we still pinch ourselves each time we are here. Last night was the first of the season for supper outside. Today we haul out the dining table from inside to out, where it will remain until Autumn–where many more memories will be made in the coming months.