Many Shades of Green

May 30, 2017

Setting a table is very much like setting up a home. There are layers and those layers develop over time. You acquire things from travels, you pick things up here & there, you are given something special as a gift. These all work their way into your life, your home, your table.

Such is the case with this table setting at Hawthorne this week. As I went about setting it, a flood of happy emotions washed over me. The ferns I cut from plants we planted in honor of Ted’s father, David. We had them at his service a few years ago. The stems went into a vintage container I found when out shopping with my friend Elizabeth when we were at an event in Connecticut. As I reached for the green drinking glasses, I remembered when CoCo presented them to us in Seattle as a gift for here shortly after we bought the house. The napkin rings a birthday gift from our friends Peg & Camilla. As I laid out the placemats, I remembered the Pottery Barn photo shoot they were initially used for. The salt and pepper cellar along with the little bone spoons were picked up at Red Chair on Warren on an always memorable shopping excursion in Hudson. The match striker a host gift from our friend Paul picked up at the same shop because he knew we were fans. The glassbaby vessels that have been collected over the years that make up a green collection used/loved both here and at The Gainsborough. 

My point with all of this is the objects that we choose to surround ourselves with in our home have many levels of meaning and memories. They make up the story of our life. Take great pleasure in that story, for it is uniquely yours. While some may just see ‘things’ they are your things that have meaning. Revel in that, and the lovely memories they bring.