Domaine Tempier Bandol Rosé, For The Win

August 2, 2017

It is fun to look back at past posts and see what was rolling through my mind at the time. I wrote about this extraordinary rosé a few years ago, and I would not change a word. See next paragraph below. We shared a bottle the other evening–a relaxing meal up in the studio treehouse, just us two, watching the boats sail on by. We have been having a long streak of crazy good Summer weather so we have been grabbing every chance possible to revel in it. 

There are tons of lovely bottles of rosé out there, but if pushed to say what my absolute favorite is for my “Wine Wednesday” pick, I would have to say Domaine Tempier Bandol rosé. I get that same elated feeling when opening a bottle of Veuve. It has a specialness to it. It would not be something consumed often, so there is just a festive feel when you get to enjoy a bottle. Brought to the States by the esteemed Kermit Lynch out of Berkeley. Produced in the Bandol region by the now world famous Peyraud family. Opening a bottle of this is pure sunshine. Their rosé is 55% Mourvèdre, 25% Grenache, 20% Cinsault. It has that lighter pink color that I always strive to match when choosing a rosé by other makers, as Domaine Tempier is the benchmark I hold for all others. I don’t really believe in saving things for ‘special’ occasions, as I think that diminishes the specialness of every day. So the next time you want a serious treat (sitting with a friend catching up, seeing a loved one you have missed, or you just want to celebrate the day) and you are looking for a rosé, hands down this is what I would grab.