Season Ending Rosé Tasting

August 30, 2017

I am a bit of a season purist, preferring to enjoy each right up until the day of the change as the calendar represents it. But I also know many folks head right into Autumn mode the day after Labor Day and say ‘so long’ to Summmaaa, and I get that too. This Wine Wednesday post is for both mindsets, one just gets a few more options to offer this rosé tasting. The rosé sections at most wine shops & grocery sections is looking pretty depleted at this point in the season. Now is the time to pick up those singular bottles that have been catching your eye, but you pass on it as you had been seeing your favorite, up until now. We did this on Sunday with a bunch of our nieces at Hawthorne, where we were hosting a slumber party. Starting at lunch, working through supper on into the eve and board games. We all tried a bit from each and our niece Haley took notes along the way on each bottle, so when next year rolls around, we might have a new favorite. It was fun to chat about likes/dislikes and hear how each person described the wine. Our oldest Sive niece Caitlin is an accomplished chef, having prepared a dinner at The James Beard House (sort of a big deal in the foodie world, and I am a super proud Uncle, so thought worth the mention…), so it was a huge learning lesson for us all hearing her describe each wine. Big gathering or small, this is a fun time of year to give this a go. Cheers to Summer, whenever it ends!