Hawthorne Moments

August 31, 2017

It has been such a treat to be here for an extended stay. On this last day of August, we sort of hit it right on as we were hoping, as it was super hot when we first arrived and now there is a slight chill in the air. Autumn is gently gliding in. We have not stayed at the house in September, and I think the fireplace will get a work-out in the evening on the back porch. It has been some lovely time with family & friends. My lower back & knee getting better a bit each day, as I have been laying pretty low. Big THANKS to all who have sent kind words & suggestions. I am feeling all the good vibrations being sent my way. Getting through my big buying show in the city was hurdle number one. Next week we head to Brimfield for vintage WK buying, so I am resting up to be in top form for that. I have been snapping away photos all along the way–life is made up of moments, and we are savoring each and every one.

Much love from the Hudson Valley, Ted2+B