A Bird-y Woods-y Table

September 21, 2017

Setting a table can often come down to one initial element that you want to use, then you build off of that. In the case of this dining table at the shop, it was to use a large bird scarf we just got in as an overlay like a tablecloth. I liked the sheerness of it, making the dark table underneath stand out a bit. My point with all of this is to get everyone thinking outside the box when setting a table. Pieces of fabric, dishtowels, scarves–all can be employed and called into action to set a fun table. Plus boxes have started to arrive with vintage goods we found at Brimfield a few weeks ago. I just had to get several things worked into this display. I was itching to use them the moment they were unpacked. This is a bird-y, woods-y table filled with mismatched silver, ferns, and beautiful brass candlesticks to pull it all together.